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Designing your custom home will be both exciting and daunting, many clients start by browsing through house plan books or online blueprint outlets. Another more recent form of inspiration comes from websites such as Pinterest and Houzz, these types of websites have gathered and organized photos of houses in all sizes shapes and styles. Let’s not forget the original, Google Image searches. These are all great starting points and we encourage everyone to use these resources and gather as many pictures and ideas to help guide you in choosing design features such as  floor plan layout and finishes, even decorating ideas for your finished home.


Once you have a basic style and design in place and your budget has been defined, it is time to sit down with our design team. Together we will develop the final plans and blueprints that will be used to ensure your custom home is built to exacting dimensions and with the utmost quality available in the industry. When we have an agreed upon design and completed technical drawings, Premier will submit the plans out for bid. The bid process will allow Premier to provide you with an actual cost to build along with allowances for all areas of the construction process, these allowances will help us to manage the budget together as finishes and fixtures are chosen during construction. The completed bid will also allow the creation of the legal documents required for construction, everything from bank requirements for construction loans and mortgages all the way through to the myriad of permits that will be required throughout  construction of your dream home.


While your custom home design and blueprints are being finalized this is an excellent time for you to choose the finishes for your new home. Things like paint colors, plumbing fixtures, lighting choices, even exterior colors , all the things that will make your new custom home exclusively yours will need to be picked out and sourced. This creates an opportunity for Premier Custom Homes to ease the stress of custom homebuilding for our clients. We can guide you with such things as where to go to see and pick out samples, some good choices on where to learn about and purchase fixtures, and most importantly help manage the budget by aligning wants and needs with allowances. Nothing is ever etched in stone, you should be allowed to change your mind, but it is critical to keep a watchful eye on the budget and manage accordingly.

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